Getting Started


This package requires RTC-Tools 2 to be installed, including the ChannelFlow library.

Installation of the RTC-Tools Hydraulic Structures library then consists of the following steps:

# 1. Download the source code

# 2. Move into the downloaded directory
cd rtc-tools-hydraulic structures

# 3. Install the Python modules
python -m pip install .

The Modelica library is not installed automatically, and needs to be copied manually. The location of RTC-Tools’s Modelica library root is typically something like C:\RTCTools2\mo on Windows. Copy the modelica/Deltares folder to this location.

Running an example

To make sure that everything is set-up correctly, you can run one of the example cases in examples/:

cd /path/to/rtc-tools-hydraulic-structures/examples/simple-pumping-station/src


You will see the progress of RTC-Tools in your shell. If all is well, you should see something like the following output.



You can contribute to this code through Pull Request on GitLab. Please, make sure that your code is coming with unit tests to ensure full coverage and continuous integration in the API.